[LOG] PTL Election for Logging-analytics

Michael O'Brien <frank.obrien@...>

Logging-analytics Committers,


As mandated by ONAP process, PTL elections must be held at least once a year – see the current Casablanca process in https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Annual+Community+Elections


My intention is to continue working as the PTL for the logging project at least for this year until Casablanca is delivered – I have been officially the PTL since Jan 2018 and unofficially 3 months before that.


If any of the our other 3 committers (there are plans to add 2-3x the number of committers in the queue) would like to take on the full PTL role they are also welcome.




Some history on the last 20171123 PTL vote – https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Michael+O%27Brien+PTL+vote+notes presented 20171130 - confirmed 20180125 - https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/TSC+2018-01-25


Roughly what the PTL role entails  -

  • The role is slightly expanded since last year including the following…
  • Run/attend all weekly logging meetings – incorporate all requests and work done by the extended team (committers, contributors)
  • Assist any member, incoming team, demo-request of ONAP specific to logging and indirectly to both deploy time and runtime – using the stack
  • Encourage contributions from contributors to the project – this includes all levels of contribution – hands-on and architecture/direction
  • Raise/triage/manage jiras in the project – with the entire team, and all linked/peripheral jiras in all other ONAP projects
  • Work with the team on scope/architecture/development/documentation/deployment/triage/debugging of the project code/deployment
  • Attend and answer for Logging in the weekly PTL and weekly TSC meetings
  • Move implementation of the logging spec forward – including definition/implementation/usage/doc/adherence
  • Work towards each bi-weekly release milestone – wiki/jira/artifacts/meets/
  • Run/work-with/liase-with external team meetings between AT&T, Clamp, AAF, OOM ….
  • Continue to work very closely with the OOM project on deployment, S3P and configuration
  • Liase with the LF on project artifacts git/gerrit/nexus/nexus3/docker(build/merge)/deployment/csit/sonar/security-badging
  • Liase with the Gildas and primarily the ARC and Security SC
  • Manage committer requests in/out of the project and admin project-manager duties
  • Continue to Liase with the Acumos project – specifically around spec logging
  • Continue to Liase with the POMBA sub-project scrum team and management
  • Expand on cross team collaboration – all of ONAP
  • Respond to jira/onap-discuss/onap-tsc, emails, wiki comments/questions
  • Commit to helping to manage/develop/deploy/triage all the issues raised by priority in the casablanca scope https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Logging+Casablanca+Scope


Template for PTL poll for 5th July

ONAP Logging-analytics PTL vote for July 2018

Michael OBrien (Amdocs) - Committer/PTL

Luke Parker (Amdocs) - Committer

Lee Breslau (AT&T) - Committer

Avdhut Kholkar (Amdocs) – Committer



Thank you


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