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Kenny Paul

(bcc'd to onap-discuss)




Moving to groups.io has introduced a few changes to mail handling and has created a few new opportunities as well.


  • Issues that some companies had with subscription via mailman being blocked should be alleviated by moving to groups.io


  • Groups.io uses #hashtags for topic management. You tag a message by including a #hashtag within or at the end of the subject line of the message.   For onap-discuss I have created #hashtags for all of the pre-existing [tags] we had in place before. It may be worthwhile using both [tag] and #hashtag for a few weeks so that folks can adjust their client-side filters as we go.


  • Mailman had a server side option users could set that would exclude any messages without a specific [tag].  That went away with the move. If a user has set [tag] filters in their local email client, (Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) those should still work. If not, they should be easy to modify to work.


  • The groups.io server can also be set up on to reject any message that does not have a #hashtag. Is that something that folks would like to do for onap-discus?





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