#lfn Bitergia access issues. #lfn

Kenny Paul

(bcc'd to onap-discuss & onap-tsc + vendor contacts)


I sent a notice out yesterday on this, but my mailbox is overflowing with calls for help on the topic this morning.

It appears that only about a quarter of you are actually subscribed to onap-lf-announce. If you are subscribed, please do so.



For many, a simple restart of the browser is all that was needed.


If you are being prompted with a login screen when you go to access Bitergia:


here is what has been recommended as a check:


Go to  https://onap.biterg.io  from a private session in your browser-

Chrome, this option is "New window in incognito mode"

Firefox & Safari this option is "New private window"


If you can access the dashboard using this method, the please delete the cookies and the cache of your browser and then try again.


There may still be an issue with bookmarked and linked queries. I have a support ticket opened on that.




Best Regards, 

Kenny Paul, Technical Program Manager, The Linux Foundation
kpaul@..., 510.766.5945
San Francisco Bay Area, Pacific Time Zone



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