Problem regenerating schema for AAI v14 #aai

Keong Lim

Hi all,

I have updated the AAI v14 OXM file with new schema changes, as per

I have followed the instructions in the tutorial:
e.g. steps 7 and 20:

Rebuild aai-common first:
$ cd ~/LF/AAI/aai-common
$ mvn clean install
Should result in BUILD SUCCESS

I can find the generated files "aai_swagger_v14.html", "aai_swagger_v14.yaml", which are new and expanded compared to their v13 versions.

However, the "aai_schema_v14.xsd" is not changed at all. There is a placeholder file already committed to src/main/resources/aai_schema directory, with the contents as a copy of the v13 version. It appears this file was simply copied to the target/classes/aai_schema directory, rather than being regenerated from the new v14 OXM file.

Why is the v14 XSD file not automatically regenerated by this mvn command?
What command is required to regenerate the XSD file?

The pom.xml file in aai-core appear to have <execution> tags for <id>autoGenerateYaml</id> and <id>autoGenerateHtml</id>, but nothing for "auto generate XSD". Is this correct or broken?


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