Re: Problem regenerating schema for AAI v14 #aai

Keong Lim

Thanks Harish!

After cleaning up the mess from my working directory, your command successfully created the new XSD file.

Updated the wiki with a note and a link to your message.


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Hi Keong,

The html and yaml gets automatically generated when you run install but the xsd was never part of the autogenerate maven profile.
For Beijing and earlier release, we never auto generated it. In order to run the generation of the xsd, here is the command:

cd ~/LF/aai/aai-common/aai-core/
mvn -PgenerateXsd install -DskipTests -Dgendoc.version=v14

I have actually noticed that recently within the internal release and realized that it makes sense for xsd to be also auto generated.
I am not sure why it was left out from the autogenerate profile but when developing the model driven feature, I ensured that the auto generate also does xsd generation.
Once that feature gets delivered to Casablanca, there wouldn't be a need to run the profile manually.


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