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Kenny Paul

It has been suggested that the poll taken at last week's Modeling Subcommittee meeting should be re-run similar to what is being done in groups.io for the Use case Subcommittee.  The reason cited is that many folks at the meeting were unfamiliar with using the raise-hand and chat functions in zoom.  I can understand unfamiliarity with the raise-hand function as it has not been used a great deal. However, I am dismayed by the prospect that anyone involved in modeling one of the largest open source networking projects in the world would not know how to type "+1" into a chat window.  Nonetheless, in the interest of fairness I will put this poll out there. Modeling Subcommittee members please respond before 2pm Pacific, Friday Aug. 24th.

Poll Question: How would you like to see the Chair elections handled?

(Note: there is no concept of a subcommittee Co-Chair in the Community Document which is why that as an option is not included. How the Modeling Subcommittee should chose to delegate responsibility with regards to an elected Chair and Vice-Chair to perform the duties listed in Section  of the Community Document would basically up to the subcommittee)



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