PNDA - DCAE:DMaaP integration - inquiry on data production and consumption #dmaap

Cristina Precup

We are working on integrating PNDA applications with the DMaaP component in ONAP:DCAE ( In a first phase, we would like to cross-post topics between PNDA and DMaaP and process the streams of messages. For this, we have created a test environment where we are posting directly to the Kafka broker underneath the DMaaP component. We understand that the DMaaP component is meant to be used through its REST endpoint. As pointed by Donald in the Story above, we are concerned about the performance impact of switching to the DMaaP REST endpoint instead of directly using a Kafka endpoint. Could you detail your view on the matter of performance and what the preferred method would be?

Alternatively, we propose having a Kafka endpoint exposed as a NodePort or running a Kubernetes container as a Kafka forwarder.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
Cristina Precup

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