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Dear all,

I am experiencing an issue during APPC service installation. I installed ONAP Beijing before (like 3-4 times) and never had that problem. So, it is strange. I tried to change images in values.yaml to older ones but the same issue (e.g., from 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-20180901T133033Z).

Below my APPC pods:

ubuntu@rancher:~/oom/kubernetes$ kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -o=wide | grep appc
onap          onap-appc-appc-0                                                     1/2       Running   1          14m    compute2
onap          onap-appc-appc-cdt-5778bf9685-9np7j                    1/1       Running   0          14m    compute1
onap          onap-appc-appc-db-0                                                2/2       Running   0          14m   compute2
onap          onap-appc-appc-dgbuilder-75b9dc65c8-jdnqv          1/1       Running   0          14m   compute1

The "onap-appc-appc-0" pod is restarted repeatedly as time goes by.

This is the output from K8s dashboard (this error also appears here without any solution):

Readiness probe failed: APPC is not healthy. ++ ps -e ++ grep startODL ++ wc -l + startODL_status=1 ++ /opt/opendaylight/current/bin/client bundle:list ++ grep Waiting ++ wc -l Failed to get the session. + waiting_bundles=0 ++ /opt/opendaylight/current/bin/client system:start-level Failed to get the session. + run_level= + '[' '' == 'Level 100' ']' + echo APPC is not healthy. + exit 1

Can you help me, please?

Kind Regards,


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