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Jorge Hernandez

I see .. I think the lab installation is not in good state. It may be beyond the policy component, if you cannot ping the "message-router" service, which may be an indication of bigger problems. Check that you can ping it from other locations outside the brmsgw container, to see if it is a general problem. Verify that the message-router service shows with "kubectl get services ..".

With regards to the POLICY-1097 fix, it only affects the oom beijing branch, so was only submitted there. The master branch should be ok for Casablanca in that regard. You could patch your oom/kubernetes beijing install or pull the latest changes from git - oom beijing branch, then as usual, do the "make all" to make sure your helm charts are updated/

From policy standpoint, I suggest to start with clean data, and make sure first, every component can talk to each other including the message-router before doing the The /dockerdata-nfs/<release>/mariadb and /dockerdata-nfs/<release>/nexus directories (PVs) contain policy specific data, and I think safe to remove previous to do a helm upgrade/install to pick up the latest changes mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Hope it helps.

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Hello Jorge,

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I did go through the wiki page that you are mentioning. Here is the overview in short:

- Healthcheck: PDP and PAP are unreachable
- Policy healthcheck fails
- There is no default group in the PDP Tab of the Policy UI
- brmsgw cannot ping nexus, drools and message-router

I understand that the POLICY-1097 fix has been applied in the Casablanca release. Would you suggest taking the changes as a patch into Beijing? What would be the recommended approach here?

Best regards,
Cristina Precup

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