New Mailing List For Modeling Subcommittee [modeling] #modeling

Kenny Paul

(bcc'd to onap-discuss & onap-tsc)


As per the agreement at today's meeting I have created a new mailing list for the Modeling Subcommittee. onap-modelingsub@...

All Modeling Subcommittee discussions should now take place on this list effective immediately.

Modeling project discussions should remain in onap-discuss as they have been.


Moderators for this list are Deng Hui, Andy Mayer, Kevin Scaggs & Michela Bevilacqua. Please join me in thanking them for volunteering.


No one (other than the Moderators) has been subscribed to this list. You will need to take action and subscribe yourself to this list if you wish to receive any email from it. You can subscribe by going here:


List settings are as follows:


  • All email from non-subscribers will require approval.  This will prevent spammers and permit cross posting explicitly at the discretion of the list Moderators.
  • The first email any new subscriber sends to this list will be moderated to prevent spammers.
  • After a subscriber's first email is approved by a Moderator, the subscriber can send email to the list freely. NOTE: this only applies to list subscribers. Non-subscribers will always be moderated.
  • Previous modeling email messages/threads in onap-discuss are NOT being migrated and will remain searchable in onap-discuss using the [modeling] or #modeling keywords.




Best Regards, 

Kenny Paul, Technical Program Manager, The Linux Foundation
kpaul@..., 510.766.5945
San Francisco Bay Area, Pacific Time Zone



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