Allow non-PTLs to view/edit the CLM security wiki pages #clm #security

Michael O'Brien <frank.obrien@...>


   Hi, I have a request on behalf of my team and likely others.

   The CLM security pages are locked down too tightly – I would like other members of the team – in particular Prudence Au (my co-PTL along with Luke Parker) to be able to view and edit pages in the wiki space


   The issue that we did not forsee – distribution of CLM work among the team.

   Also when a PTL is out for a 1 day vacation – the delegate PTL does not have access to the site.


   If the SV space is locked down – then the bottleneck is the PTL – in my case Prudence is a go-getter and would like to fix the remaining vulnerabilities – in our case we inherited several from another project we have a dependency – they already marked that vulnerability as a red-herring and have a pom override – but without myself acting as the wiki conduit – this work is slowed down with some re-inventing the wheel occurring.


    Can we make the site read/only at least for any of the following

  • Committers of a project
  • Ideally any committer of a project can see the pages of the other project – so one fix can be distributed among several


Thank you



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