Re: Logging/POMBA CLM status - and spring-boot moving target discussion

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    Several of the projects are running older versions of spring 4.x, some on 5.x – when they upgrade and for those already upgraded to 5.0.9 and for those that are fixing the new CLM issues with 5.0.9 by moving to 5.1.2 – they will run into an issue specific to 3 of the 8+ spring libraries where the 5.1.2 version will be replaced with 5.0.9 (see the eclipse dependency tree) – currently testing a fix for oparent to upgrade to 5.1.2 under


but we will need another release of oparent to pick this up under 1.2.2 – I see an oparent—python 1.2.2 but no java 1.2.2 yet



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Subject: Logging/POMBA CLM status - and spring-boot moving target discussion



              The CLM page is updated, I raised several bugs against our project for the ecosystem of issues across the repos – so we can cover them off without missing any.

              A couple weeks ago we fixed most of the issues and re-released the artifacts.

              However in Nov the CLM reports have progressed  as expected – versions that were OK a month ago like spring boot 1.5.11 to 1.5.15 are no longer valid – 1.5.17 is the current fix but since that version has moved up from yellow to orange – we need to move to selected versions of spring boot 2.0/2.1.

              We therefore may have 2 more waves of refactoring – several to address everything with minor upgrades and a possible 2nd change requiring more testing to move major versions.


              All bugs off

              I post in general to onap-discuss instead of just to the requestors - because most java based projects are encountering the same issue/proposed-fix – and to bring in more contributors actively involved.

              Thank you




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