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Kenny Paul

All done. The wiki is back on line.







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Subject: [onap-discuss] ONAP Wiki Downtime- Dec. 11, 9AM - 11AM Pacific Time #lfn


(bcc'd to onap-tsc & onap-discuss)


As I've been mentioning at the TSC and PTL meetings, the ONAP wiki will be upgraded to Confluence 6.13. This will take place on Tuesday, between 9 AM and 11AM Pacific time. Service will be unavailable during this time.


One of the biggest things we will get from this upgrade is ability to perform multi-person live edits similar to a google doc.  In addition, the ONAP wiki is the only wiki left running on legacy infrastructure in the Portland datacenter and it will be migrated to AWS during this down time.  The bulk of the move has been performed already, so the work will consist of resyncing the data, changing the DNS pointers and then performing the upgrade.


This time has been chosen because:

- it is after the scheduled VF2f and any remaining morning meetings on Tuesday

- the LF IT team will be fully staffed during these hours in the unlikely event something goes wrong

- it gives LF IT and myself a few days to field questions from the community before the LF's scheduled office shutdown between Dec 17 and Jan 2.


Here is the status page for this downtime.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Best Regards, 

Kenny Paul, Technical Program Manager, The Linux Foundation
kpaul@..., 510.766.5945
San Francisco Bay Area, Pacific Time Zone



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