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Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya

Hi Yang / PNF Team,

Thanks for the links to ppt and demo video. Let me summarize my understand below, please validate it :
  • A PNF is getting mimicked by using a VM baked by HEAT Template.
  • In SDC a PNF is being introduced a resource and same has been used in a Service, which is then getting distributed. Lets say we name that service as PNF Service.
  • The only item that ties the PNF running in the network ( i.e VM ) and PNF Resource in SDC is the Correlation ID .
  • The instantiated PNF will start sending VES events to DCAE VES Collector. Initially these events will get ignored as ONAP doesn't know what to do with these events as no one has subscribed to that topic. When the PNF Service is instantiated via SO through VID, then SO notifies to DMaaP that it is interested in learning all messages with topic <Correlation ID> . From this instant, DMaaP ties both ends together and SO reports back to VID that service is successfully instantiated by ONAP.
If my above understanding is correct, then I have following queries. Could you please clarify ?
  • PNF Modelling in SDC seems to be very abstract i.e It just says "This resource is a PNF" . That's it. It doesn't distinguish between Layer1, Layer2 devices. The datamodel of PNF varies between layers and between vendors and between versions. Also it comes with environment specific details like Building/Rack/Slot/Card/Port details. Tracking this information is very much necessary for complete flow. Is there any working happening in that front in future releases ?
  • The difference between VNF Instantiation and PNF instantiation is Discovery. Unlike VNFs, PNFs cannot be just cloned and created. A PNF is supposed to be shared between network services. Has AAI been updated to support this kind of sharing? Could you please point me to right links to learn AAI side of the story? 
    • PS : I'm aware of Allotted Resource Model . This is WIP and doesn't really work with PNFs. Is there any work happening / happened w.r.t PNF Inventory, apart from this Allotted Resource Model?

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I personally found this slides and demo are very helpful, and think it can help you get started.


PNF PnP Slides & Demo

Presentation Slides







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I have ONAP R3 release installed, i want to try the PNF plug n play usecase.

Does anyone has tested and have the complete documentation? From on-boarding to instantiation.



Prateek Gupta

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