Re: Login Credentials for SDC Cassandra Database


Hi Vitaliy,

Thanks for the information.

1. Whether SDC Cassandra database will store the DCAE-DS (as shown in below) drop-down data?


2. Does this DCAE-DS data will have the inter connection with SDC deployment process?

Thanks & Regards,
Thamlur Raju.

On Mon, Dec 24, 2018 at 12:25 PM Vitaliy Emporopulo <Vitaliy.Emporopulo@...> wrote:

Hi Thamlur,


It’s asdc_user/Aa1234%^!


You can see it in the SDC configuration file;a=blob;f=sdc-os-chef/environments/Template.json;h=d212d1e98bd04224c6dcc1c4287ecb14df424dfe;hb=refs/heads/casablanca#l90



Vitaly Emporopulo


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Hi SDC Team,


Please help me with the default username and password for SDC Cassandra Database in Casablanca release.



Thanks & Regards,

Thamlur Raju.

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