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Vijay VK


The dcae_cli is an standalone utility. The intent of the tool is to validate the component spec and container image provided by the MS owner (validates the startup and CBS fetch function).


Once the spec is validated, DCAE-DS (& Toscalab) should be used to generate the required models/blueprint which can be loaded into DCAE-DS catalog. This flow is not automated currently though;  copied Igor from SDC who can clarify R4 plans around it.





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Hi Dcae Team,


I validated the data-format and component sepecific jsons in the DCAE_CLI environment and i run the component, as shown in below ( i customized some values in the script to run the component),


The component running successfully.




As per my understanding , after running the component successfully , the component name should display in the drop-down of DCAE_DS UI , as shown in below screenshot




But i am not able see my component name in the drop-down box.


Is i am missing any step to achieve my component name appear in the drop down box.


Please suggest something on this issue.


Thanks in the Advance.



Thanks & Regards,

Thamlur Raju.

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