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DeWayne Filppi

Thanks.  This helped.  I didn't notice the little content warning in the browser address bar (using chrome).  When I "allowed unsafe content" the portal started rendering.  I still get a 502 error saying I'm unauthorized (even though using cs0008).

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In case you want to display sdc in the portal tab you need to enable mix content (http and https) security option in your browser.

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Hi DeWayne,


What I am mentioning here is not the solution but rather a workaround

In a new tab after you authenticate with portal using cs0008 navigate to and you should have your SDC portal





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I'm running Casablanca on Kubernetes on Openstack.  All pods running clean.  I bring up portal and login with cs0008 login.   I see the icon for the SDC ui.   I click on it and a new tab opens with no content (white page).  Any tips for what to look at next?





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