TSC-25 ONAP CD task force meeting minutes - moving time to adjust for West coast and France

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   We had a meeting of the TSC-25 task force today, a couple extra participants since we sent the meeting to the onap-discuss list.

   My bad as I did not send the invite directly to the Linux Foundation – will bring in both LF and ONAP developers on the next – especially

Bengt Thuree <bthuree@...>;

Jordan  jevans@...




    Proposed time: I will send out a formal poll – need to be after 0900 GMT-8 PST and before 1800 GMT+1 france

    1200AM EDT Monday (one hour after PTL meet)

    1200AM EDT Thu (90 min after after TSC)

    1200AM EDT Fri


    20190116: meeting

§  move meeting to 8am EDT friday - or any earlier day to bring in France and Orange

§  discuss goal of  - why we need it above current daily CD job
good example is avoiding the OOM based manual deploy/hc testing seen in the 3 patches off of TSC-92
committers in OOM will get a +1 from the deploy job that the patch "will" deploy and pass HC

§  discuss minimum phase 1 - on demand atomic helm deploy (plus dependencies) + healthcheck
enforced dependencies are here - https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Log+Streaming+Compliance+and+API#LogStreamingComplianceandAPI-DeploymentDependencyTree

§  discuss infrastructure requirements - getting VM's for deployment

§  work with Orange/OPNFV on pocs


§  LF is ramping up on bringing up a kubernetes cluster and sourcing VMs

§  AWS EKS supported by Rancher 2.0 – will see how this works with the RKE upgrade from 1.6

§  Example of manual deploy/healthcheck procedure solved by CD helm deploy +1 on magic word trigger prior to oom merge

§  send out poll for time (accomidate PST and France)

§  direct mail to bengt, Jordan, Jessica, LF

§  ask Orange to participate (their CI/CD system is gitlab based) - help to upstream to ONAP
(can pull patches and trigger on submits from gerrit)
cedrick? for OPNFV
Q) is infrastructure coming with Orange - Xx32g servers
Gary's openci can work off triggers
the AWS poc can key off triggers via jenkins
How to fit in the move off of gerrit to github today from the TSC - jira link?



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Alumni (next meeting)

Bengt Thuree <bthuree@...>;

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