[SDC] adding custom resource type

DeWayne Filppi

Hi, trying to add a custom resource type to the SDC.  Michael had given me these instructions:


To add your artifact you will need to modify SDC configuration to expose your type as a ui option for the instance level(what you see in the service composition screen.)


To do this in the flwoing file:



in the section called resourceInstanceDeploymentArtifacts:


add your new type there in the flowing format:

        - yaml
        - yml



I have done this, but am stuck.  He suggests above that I will be able to see my new type in the pulldown menu during service composition when adding an artifact.  That is fine, but the artifact type menu is unchanged by my configuration changes.  And yes, I verified that the new configuration is in the container.  Should the above work or is there a missing step?



DeWayne Filppi
Sr. Architect, CTO Office, Cloudify


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