Re: CCVPN) SO Service Creation BPMN run error #so #ccvpn

bharath thiruveedula

Hi Minsang,

You are right!  The issue is with the URL " /v3/serviceResources" it must /v2. 
I think you are using "1.3.6" docker images for SO. Can you pull the images again or upgrade the container images of SO to 1.3.7  and try again?

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Bharath T

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I am testing CCVPN use case. I created CCVPN service templates and distributed them to runtime. Since there are distribution issue, I updated SO DB and copied CSAR files as instructed in manual step guide,

I sent service creation request using POSTMAN and I can see the request is processed in SO-BPMN log. However, it stops at 'Get Current Resource' task which is part of 'DoCreateResources.bpmn'. 

I this this is because

'2019-02-07T22:41:10.031Z|1a8a545b-0f2f-4bb7-90ce-5acfdcff683f| - Executing GET to url: http://so-catalog-db-adapter.onap:8082/ecomp/mso/catalog/v3/serviceResources?serviceModelUuid=a4c5a2dc-4d0c-45b0-8a0a-6820186bdddb'. It fails to read resource data. However, in the same process, it success to read the resource data as we can see in below figure.

I think this is because it sent a request to '/v3/serviceResources?' unlike it sent to '/v2/serviceResource' at the first request. Which component of the BPMN process causes this issue? 


Thank you,

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