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Thank you Amar and Taka on the email thread.


I have few further questions.


APPC has ‘Configure’ and ‘ConfigModify’ LCM commands.  Based on documentation I see,  if multiple ‘Configure’ commands are issued, last ‘Configure’ configuration-parameters are used as each command replaces the old configuration with the configuration of the command.  ‘ConfigModify” – Is this meant for incremental configuration? If so, does APPC maintain various versions of configuration?  During scale-out, when new VM is instantiated, does APPC configure the new VM instances with the consolidated configuration without any human intervention?


When incremental configuration is made (via ConfigModify), does APPC send incremental configuration to all existing VM instances? 

Also, does it send only incremental configuration or does it send consolidated configuration to each of existing VM instances?









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Hi Amar,


I am not sure what VNF configuration data that you are referring to.  You will see APPC dependencies here:


And APPC stores artifact in APPC’s maria DB.


APPC sends LCM API payload using ansible/REST/Chef etc protocols to downstream for configuring VNF(C) /VM.




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A few quick questions on APP-C and VNF configuration data storage:


1. Does APP-C store VNF configuration data? 

2. If so where? Is it in A&AI or some private APP-C datastore?

3. Is the storage populated when APP-C writes the configuration to the VNF or does APP-C  poll the VNF to get configuration data? 





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