Re: [SO] vfModule model IDs - what are they all for?

Gil Bullard <wb5674@...>



SDC’s data model is published at:

If you download the Amsterdam data model file, the descriptions of these IDs are on page 50.


E.g., if a VNFx is used in 3 different SDC Service types, that VNFx will have:

  • A single unique model-invariant-id
  • A model-version-id per version of VNFx.
  • 3 model-customization-ids, one for each “use” of VNFx within a given SDC Service.


When the VNFx descriptor is onboarded from the vendor, it would indicate the allowed values for a given configuration parameter.  For example, in Version 1 of VNFx the allowed values could be {A, B, C}, whereas in Version 2 of VNFx the allowed values could be {A, B, C, D}.


When someone “drags” VNFx into various Services, they could “customize” this such as:

  • In the context of Service A, the Service designer may want to restrict parameter value “B”, thus allowing only values {A, C, D}
  • Similar with Service B and C, they would be allowed to specify their own “customization” within their respective service contexts.



SDC has a comprehensive project site on ONAP, where you can find almost everything about current SDC implementation:


Gil Bullard & Ting Lu




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Subject: [onap-discuss] [SO] vfModule model IDs - what are they all for?


When I look at the SO vnf adapter code that creates vfModules – it is using the model-customization-id as a key parameter to identify the model of the vfmodule.


Is there a document or wiki that explains the differences and uses of the various vfmodule model identifiers?


I see that vfmodules have 3 IDs that correspond to IDs in the SDC catalog for the vfmodule:


What I see in AAI vfmodule:

     "model-invariant-id": "e4caddaa-ba67-4322-bd41-fd177719aaf1",

     "model-version-id": "3f8a329d-19e3-4d7e-bc64-549b7083b330",

     "model-customization-id": "1d2f2f51-bc64-444b-8f32-ba058105d1b0",


What I see in SDC (the VF_MODULES_METADATA artifact specifically)

    "vfModuleModelInvariantUUID": "e4caddaa-ba67-4322-bd41-fd177719aaf1",

   "vfModuleModelUUID": "3f8a329d-19e3-4d7e-bc64-549b7083b330",

    "vfModuleModelCustomizationUUID": "1d2f2f51-bc64-444b-8f32-ba058105d1b0"


I guess the invariant ID stays constant through different versions.


I’m not so clear on the difference between the version and customization and why one vs the other would be used in a given situation.





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