moderated sticky ONAP-DISCUSS List Moderators

Kenny Paul

The following individuals have moderator privileges for this list and can set up calendar invitations for you.

Alla Goldner, Michael O'Brien, Michela Bevilacqua, Pam Dragosh, Seshu Kumar, Timo Perala

Bridge: the following discuss list meetings are assigned as indicated.
ONAP2 #doc
ONAP3 #ccsdk #cds
ONAP5 #extapi #vnfpkg
ONAP6 #vfc #logging #policy
ONAP7 #aaf #coe #multicloud #pomba
ONAP8 #dmaap #appc
ONAP9 #clamp #vvp #vnfrqts
ONAP10 #university #aai #sdnr
ONAP11 #so #portal #usecaseui #dcae #cia
ONAP12 #oom #vid

In addition to calendar management Moderators are responsible for either releasing or rejecting held messages, including messages (cross)posted by non-members and messages that exceed globally defined thresholds for message size, number of recipients and/or content type. Anyone can be a Moderator. You do not need to be a TSC member, PTL, Committer code contributor, as long as you are active in the Community

. . . and be subscribed to the list you are moderating.


Below are the basic rules for mailing list management across all LF projects:

- A minimum of 3 members from the Community are required as Moderators for all mailing lists

There are have never been any moderators from the Community for either of these lists


If the number of Moderators should ever fall below 3 a mailing list will be locked and made read only

I hope that you have enjoyed getting a free ride in that regard for over a year now ;-)


Moderators are not granted permissions to modify any list configuration variables. 

I've made a ton of adjustments to both of these lists to try and accommodate your usage patterns as much as I can.

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