Calendar Migration Update

Kenny Paul


The community now finally owns the management of the ONAP community calendar and Zoom bridges. All of the meetings have been updated with UTC start times and resent.  Users with LastPass access to a Zoom account  are currently being moved to the appropriate account. There are exceptions for individuals that do not own meetings. I will contact those people directly if I am unable to do the mapping.

It is strongly recommended that you subscribe to calendars of interest rather than adding emailed meeting invites to you cal. Information on how to do so can be found in the FAQ: 

Calendar and Bridge FAQ

  • Look over the FAQ. I've spent a great deal of time adding just about everything I can think of. From this point on, that is the community's document. If you find something that need to be added, please add it.
  • Review your calendar! If find any regularly scheduled meeting on your calendar that does not contain "UTC" in the meeting title, then you should delete it.
In the interest of consistency and a clean hand-off to the community, the following actions were also taken:  
  • Meetings on private bridges were also converted to UTC on their respective calendars. 
  • Meetings marked as cancelled by the owner were deleted.
  • Instances of duplicate meetings were deleted.
  • Edge Automation WG had both numerous reoccurring duplicates spanning multiple list calendars. These were all deleted and one UTC instance has been left on the Usecase calendar.

Best Regards, 

Kenny Paul,  Technical Program Manager
510.766.5945 . Pacific time zone

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