#ccsdk #sdnc #appc CCSDK/SDNC status : containers are back, and SR2 upgrade is underway #appc #ccsdk #sdnc

Dan Timoney

The CCSDK and SDNC containers for Dublin are back to working again.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s email, the root cause of the problem was actually twofold:


  1. Rather than returning the most recent instance of a given version (0.4.1), the nexus staging repository is returning the OLDEST version.  Thus, when doing a build pulling in version 0.4.1, we were actually pulling in the very first daily build ever created for Dublin, which had snapshot dependencies.
  2. The alpine:3.8 image changed earlier this month, removing a number of packages – one of which is needed by OpenDaylight.


These problems have both been addressed, and we have confirmed that the containers are coming up clean in the integration lab.


We created release versions for these artifacts to use as a stable version before we merge changes to install the SR2 version of OpenDaylight Fluorine.  The version manifests have been updated with the proper version.


Please note that since only the most recent snapshot is retained in the ONAP Nexus, clients of CCSDK that are using the current snapshot versions will need to update.


If you are using our CCSDK parent poms to control versions (and you really should!), please change the version from 1.2.1-SNAPSHOT to 1.2.1.   The ccsdk/parent repository contains a script under its ‘tools’ directory called ‘updParentVersion.sh’ to help.    In this example, to update the parent versions, just change directory to the top of your source tree and run:


  updParentVersion.sh . 1.2.1


The script recursively traverses directories, looking for pom.xml files, and in each one, it looks for the <parent> tag and if it’s <groupId> is org.onap.ccsdk.parent, it change the <version> to the version specified.


Once the SR2 version has been posted, I’ll send a followup email.  To upgrade to SR2, you should just need to update the parent pom version again from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT.  Not yet though, since we haven’t finished merging those changes …





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