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Michael O'Brien <frank.obrien@...>

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Spot will run you 85% off depending on the DC – ohio use-east-2 is the cheapest.

Pick R4 instances they spike on the market the least and have the best ram/cost ration – but are slower – so up the granularity to 32g – r4xlarge

A full onap deployment will require at least 192g – ideally 224 or 256 – this will cost around 300 US/month

I recommend making your master node static by registering an elasticip – ami the node after it is setup so you can bring the cluster back up after an outage with the same IP.


Everything is on the wiki somewhere on this latest page





From: Pranjal Dadhich <pranjal0491@...>
Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 1:08 AM
To: Michael O'Brien <Frank.Obrien@...>
Subject: Pricing quoted for an instance running on AWS


Hello Michael,

I would like to know pricing for running an AWS instance (on demand/reserved) on monthly/yearly basis.



I can see price quote of $300/month per 128G deployment mentioned by you in below link


But unfortunately when i compare using the pricing calculator for the flavors

1. Flavor m4.4xlarge (16 vcpu and 64 gb of ram)

2. Flavor c5.4xlarge (16 vcpu and 32 gb ram)

 minimum monthly cost comes around $ 357 and $ 313 (1 yr all upfront) per instance.

if i create 4 host instances of flavor (c5.4xlarge ) and 1 rancher instance (m4.4xlarge), total monthly cost comes around $1600/ month.



Please clarify on the same.





Thanks and Regards,

Pranjal Dadhich

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