Re: New resource distribution fails - Fixed

D'Alessandro Alessandro Gerardo

we worked with Aniello and we fixed the issue ( for details see steps below related to Jira ticket SDC-2196).
The procedure that we followed to add new resources requires to undeploy SDC, build the code and redeploy the entire SDC. From an operation point of view it is not a viable solution.
Is there anyone that followed a different approach?

We also faced with lack of documentation about the correct folder where to put our custom resource. Is there anyone that can provide some information about the difference between the folders nfv-types, normative-types, heat-types, etc under  {gerrit sdc code}/catalog-be/src/main/resources/import/tosca/
best regards
Alessandro D'Alessandro

steps to fix the issue:
-  Download SDC code from gerrit (git clone
-  Put cord-evc.yml  and cord-evc.json  to {gerrit sdc code}/catalog-be/src/main/resources/import/tosca/heat-types/cord-evc/
-  append new dataTypes to {gerrit sdc code}/catalog-be/src/main/resources/import/tosca/data-types/datatypes.yml
-  Add the new heatType name to the script "" ({gerrit sdc code}/catalog-be/src/main/resources/scripts/import/tosca ) into the array HeatTypes
- Run: mvn clean install -P docker   to build the docker image
- re-deploy SDC

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