Service Orchestrator PTL nominations : self nomination

DeWayne Filppi


 I'd like to nominate myself for PTL for the Service Orchestrator project.  My roughly 30 years of experience has been spent largely in a development lead, architect, or development management role ranging from embedded software to high performance distributed system across multiple industries.  I have direct experience leading projects using scrum/agile/XP/TDD methodologies in relevant software platforms, from 15 years of java/JEE/Spring to about 5 years of Python.   I also have several years of experience with TOSCA model driven orchestration and modeling vis-a-vis Cloudify and Aria at a development level,  which is important particularly in the first release of the SO.

I'm eager to serve in this role to ensure the success of the SO both on the current BPM centric path, and the TOSCA model driven path.

Thanks for the consideration,

DeWayne Filppi, GigaSpaces

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