RKE HA collaboration for Kubernetes/Helm/Docker alignment #integration #oom #documentation

Michael O'Brien <frank.obrien@...>


   Hi, we (OOM) would like to continue our collaboration with yourself, Brian, Yang, Alain, Mike, Sylvain, Morgan, Eric, …and others inside devops teams on getting an HA deployment of RKE aligned via a script/template/documentation-procedure up for RC0.

   The goal/deliverables will be as we did together before for Rancher 1.6.25 in Casablanca – but this time for Dublin around RKE as a replacement for Rancher.

  • Community based RI for RKE to be used for staging/testing and production readiness
  • Alignment on the k8s/helm/docker versions


   We have the following merged collocated/single-node script based on the 2 month old RKE 0.1.17 that we will be upgrading to RKE 2.1.x to leverage fixes in the move from Docker 17.03/18.06 to 18.09, Helm 2.9.1 to 2.12.5 and Kubernetes 1.11.5 to 1.13.5 – some of these moves solve critical vulnerabilities.



    Tracking via https://jira.onap.org/browse/OOM-1598

    Preliminary docs to be rewritten for RTD via https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/OOM+RKE+Kubernetes+Deployment


   I understand you are actively testing a larger cluster and script and distributing the 3 roles (controlplane, worker, etcd) – which I currently run on a single node.   We would like to align with your proposed VM distribution of these 3 roles (like we did for rancher on the 13+1 cluster).  We will then do a 2 step distribution of the yaml to documentation for RC0 with full script retrofit for RC1+

   Did a quick check in git and I will look through your https://git.onap.org/integration/tree/deployment/heat/onap-rke for the yaml/role profile.


   Thank you


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