Re: #appc Unable to execute stop lcm operation from APPC #appc

Steve Siani <alphonse.steve.siani.djissitchi@...>


it seems like APPC doesn't support all actions on VNFs. Refer to the table shown here on section VNF/VM Types Supported.

'Maybe that's why you have this error: 2019-04-22T05:23:57,746 | ERROR | appc-dispatcher-9 | ProviderOperation                | 503 - appc-iaas-adapter - 1.4.4 | APPC0041E APPC IAAS Adapter cannot perform requested service, VM url [https://x.x.x.x:yyyy/v2.1/servers/8a196a4d-cff4-4b5c-b164-35225e60d7db] is invalid


Steve Siani

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