Re: Restconf API authentification: User/password fail #appc

Yang Xu



If you have access to integration lab, try it on one of full ONAP instances (Integration-SB-00) we deployed for ONAP pairwise testing  The credential works for me on this deployment. Note I used APPC service port 30230.





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I have APPC installed from OOM Dublin version.

I can see all theAPPC pods actives but when I try to reach the Restconf API using the user: admin and password: Kp8bJ4SXszM0WXlhak3eHlcse2gAw84vaoGGmJvUy2U 
it fails the authenticate.

Doesn't anyone knows if this credential is valid? I am reading the username/password from values.yaml file and even from, but I cannot authenticate to http://host_ip:8181/apidoc/explorer/index.html or http://host_ip:8181/restconf/operations/appc-provider 


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