Re: #appc Unable to execute stop lcm operation from APPC #appc

Brian Freeman

Isnt payload a json encoded string ?;a=blob;f=lcm/model/src/main/yang/lcm.yang;h=a03fff60754adaa8feff2ab182d96373baf7f541;hb=refs/heads/casablanca


  78     typedef payload {

  79            type string ;

  80            description "The payload can be any valid JSON string value. Json escape characters need to be added when required to include an inner json within the payload to make it a valid json string value";

  81     }



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Hi Brian,

Except Ansible Server pod all the other pods are running. I am able to execute the mysql commands in the DB pod. I redeployed appc still facing the same issue.And the sequence of the pods are appc-db, appc and then ansible pod.  Not sure what failed.

Hi Lathish,

There are no entries in VNF_DG_MAPPING table, I have inserted manually. And now I could see the same Invalid URL error in both of my setups which has underlying VIM as https and http.

Hi Steve,

I am trying to execute restart LCM operation and it is supported by both VNF/VM. And according to the doc there should be vm-id sent in payload. But when I send the vm-id in the payload I could see that request is not being accepted with schema error and 400 error response code.

Here is the request payload I am using for restart appc

  "input": {
    "common-header": {
      "timestamp": "2019-04-25T06:05:04.244Z",
      "api-ver": "2.00",
      "originator-id": "664be3d2-6c12-4f4b-a3e7-c349acced200",
      "request-id": "664be3d2-6c12-4f4b-a3e7-c349acced200",
      "sub-request-id": "1",
      "flags": {
          "force" : "TRUE",
          "ttl" : 60000
    "action": "Restart",
    "action-identifiers": {

And here is the error message I see when I send payload field in request.

 "errors": {
   "error": [
       "error-type": "protocol",
       "error-tag": "malformed-message",
       "error-message": "Error parsing input: Schema node with name vm-id was not found under (org:onap:appc:lcm?revision=2016-01-08)payload.",
       "error-info": "Schema node with name vm-id was not found under (org:onap:appc:lcm?revision=2016-01-08)payload."

Without payload field in the request payload I get Invalid URL error in APPC logs.

Am I missing anything in the request payload that is sent to APPC?

Thank you in advance!

Sirisha Gopigiri

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