Getting exception Table 'gvnfm.auth_user' doesn't exis in VF-C generic vnfm driver #vfc


We installed Casablanca and trying to run vcpe and our custom usecase by uploading csar files in UUI.

VNFs and NS are onboarded and distributed successfully from UUI.
But during service instantiation, getting below exception:

Exception Type: ProgrammingError at /api/vnflcm/v1/vnf_instances
Exception Value: (1146, u"Table 'gvnfm.auth_user' doesn't exist")
Request information:
USER: AnonymousUser
GET: No GET data
POST: No POST data
COOKIES: No cookie data

It is something related to Django in gvnfm module of VF-C.
We deleted the corresponding pod and tries, It was not successful.

Can you please suggest how to resolve this.?

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