Re: error with helm deploy for dublin

Brian Freeman

Abdelmuhaimen ,


Not sure if you are using the same method that integration uses. We are not seeing a too many files message on our installs.


See some notes below:


We use a differenct line to install ONAP.


Integration-override.yaml is where we put the environment parameters like Openstack credentials and which module should be enabled: true / false


Not sure if that is the same as the onap/values.yaml you are including as an override.


helm deploy dev local/onap -f /root/oom/kubernetes/onap/resources/environments/public-cloud.yaml -f /root/integration-override.yaml --namespace onap


Dublin is at RC0 so you may want to apply the updates to docker image versions from docker-manifest-staging.csv


cd /root/integration/version-manifest/src/main/resources

cp docker-manifest-staging.csv docker-manifest-custom.csv


(staging manifest from Master has the current working containers we are using in integration-oom-staging-daily)


# customize docker-manifest-custom.csv per your requirements


../scripts/ ./docker-manifest-staging.csv /root/oom/


cd /root/oom/kubernetes/

git diff # verify that the desired docker image changes are applied successfully

make all # recompile the helm charts





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Subject: [onap-discuss] error with helm deploy for dublin


Hi, I am trying to deploy Dublin.


I cloned oom master branch, and make all.


When I run:

root@olc-rancher-dublin:~/oom/kubernetes# helm deploy onap local/onap --namespace onap -f onap/values.yaml



I get error:


Error: open /root/.helm/plugins/deploy/cache/onap/charts/vfc/charts/vfc-zte-sdnc-driver/.helmignore: too many open files


And some components are deployed, and the rest are ignored by the helm deploy script, and they are not deployed.


What is this error ?


Abdelmuhaimen Seaudi

Orange Labs Egypt

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