[dcae][dcaegen2][holmes][onap-discuss] Not able to start HOLMES with DCAE is behind firewall #dcaegen2 #holmes

Guangrong Fu

I'm resending this email with proper tags.


Could you please kindly take a look at the issue?



发件人:YogiKnss <knss.yogi@...>
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日 期 :2019年04月30日 17:10
主 题 :[onap-discuss] Not able to start HOLMES with DCAE is behind firewall #holmes #dcaegen2

We are installing ONAP casablanca on kubernetes behind a firewall.
When trying to install Holmes using Blueprints from dcae-boostrap, REST call is being triggered by  bootstrap to cloudify manager when trying to upload blueprints of Holmes_rules/Holmes_engine. Since cloudify manager is behind firewall, We set the http_proxy and https_proxy details on the container. But upload blueprint is failing with network unreachable message because it is not able to download the required imports.

I would like to understand if the current cloudify_rest_service uses http proxy setting from ENV ?
is there a way to provide the proxy settings to cloudify rest service ?


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