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Christophe Closset

Hello Xoan,


Yes the certificate was updated as part of Dublin (as it was expired) and the wiki link was not.


I’ve changed the link to point to the latest in master (instead of keeping a hard copy in the wiki), this should ensure that whatever the time you pick the certificate, it will be valid.


Please retry with this certificate (your import method seems ok to me).





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Dear all,

for some reason now I cannot login to CLAMP GUI. I am using Windows 10 and Chrome. I am using the certificate in this wiki. Not sure if I am importing this certificate in the right manner to chrome.

When I try to access CLAMP GUI via chrome, I can see the certificate route:

However, the certificate I download from the wiki seems to be "intermediateCA_1".

Hope some help here.

Alternatively, is there a simple way to "workaround" this? I am using oom casablanca.

Thank you in advance!

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