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Subject: RE: Velero-Heptio clarifications


Hi Vaibhav/Michael,


Are you right contacts from ONAP? If yes, could you please respond. Thank you.


I was able to install 0.11.0 Valero successfully. Ran few tests on backup and restore and looks good at namespace level objects. Having trouble taking backup of PVC. I also integrated with Restic to take PVC backup and see Restic controller running fine.  I’ve done annotations for storage volumes and followed the documentation, but, failing to take backup only when we have PVC.  We are using gluster/heketi solution for our cluster. Restic supposed to take backup of almost any type of Kubernetes volume regardless of the underlying storage provider. Were you able to get PV backups working with Restic?




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Subject: Velero-Heptio clarifications


Hi Michael/Vaibhav,

Good Morning. I’m from ECOMP-C Controller team working on Kubernetes Backup and Restore Solution POC and exploring the Velero-Heptio suitable solution. Shrikant mentioned ONAP also using the same solution and looking at your wiki page. 
I noticed few things  as below. Can you please advise.
1.  Noticed that you are installing version 0.9.3.  from 0.11.0, Heptio Ark has become Velero . all ark cli and CRD api resources renamed to velero. Have you tried latest version?
  1. The installation what you have doesn’t cover Persistent volume backup. Seeing Restic integration with Valero as an option.  Restic is not tied to a specific storage platform so might be a solution for AIC too. Have you started looking at this option too?
  2. Instructions what you have and as well on the velero website looking to have “00-prereqs.yaml” to be installed and I couldn’t find this anywhere  in the latest velero repos . I continued to further on installation and didn’t see Valero getting installed. Looking thru and seems to be these are now bundled with release specific tar balls.


What is best time for you to reach out for any further questions?



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