Re: APPC -> RE: [onap-discuss] #appc Unable to execute stop lcm operation from APPC #appc

Alexis de Talhouet

On May 16, 2019, at 11:09 AM, PLATANIA, MARCO (MARCO) <platania@...> wrote:

Are you using CDT? What is your setup? 

Yes, setup as follow in the screenshot. The payload is the following, which seems similar as yours:

   "input": {
       "common-header": {
           "timestamp": "2019-05-16T14:47:55.449Z",
           "api-ver": "2.00",
           "originator-id": "appc",
           "request-id": "873aacdf-1d85-4e07-8deb-7815776bbd35",
           "flags": {
               "mode": "NORMAL",
               "force": "FALSE"
       "action": "Start",
       "action-identifiers": {
           "vnf-id": "VNF_demo_steve",
           "vserver-id": "c82153dc-8d84-4e69-9673-5e0a60030779"

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