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Marco Platania



I remember I had to make a few manual changes to work with OpenStack actions. I’m copying parts of an email that I sent to APPC Team a few months ago. This was tested with Casablanca.


“I was able to run Start/Stop VM using the APPC LCM APIs. The main issue is that, if we want to use APPC LCM APIs against VMs, we must add a VNFC element in AAI and relate it to a vServer. Sort of a pain, I need to see how this can be done with heatbridge.” à this is available now, remember to run heatbridge


“That step wasn’t enough though. I dug the APPC DGs, code and debug logs, and saw that queries against PROTOCOL_REFERENCE table were returning empty results. I might have messed up a little bit because I was trying multiple things, including deleting rows from PROTOCOL_REFERENCE and start over, but I guess that CDT sometimes doesn’t push records correctly to that table. It seems that the first time you set a VNF with CDT, PROTOCOL_REFERENCE is updated correctly, but if you try to update an existing VNF, PROTOCOL_REFERENCE doesn’t always get updated as expected. I saw this in the past for another test, not sure if you encountered this problem in your local deployments.”


“On a side note, CDT doesn’t allow to specify VNFCs and VMs when setting up VNFs that use OpenStack actions. I had to select “ConfigModify” to set up VNFC and VM info, then I switched to “OpenStack Actions” and APPC seemed to remember VNFC and VM info. I’m not sure whether this is really necessary though, my guess is that VNFC and VM info can be obtained from AAI, so I don’t need to do anything in CDT. I was following the documentation in read the docs, which is a little outdated, perhaps this is no longer required in Casablanca.”  à not sure this is needed, it may have been myself playing too much


Note the xml file attached. I think I had to use the nf-type in AAI instead of VM or VNF.




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Also, I don’t know if it’s normal, but we had to add this in the sdnctl DB of appc to make it work.


MariaDB [sdnctl]> select * from VNF_DG_MAPPING;




|                 1 | Stop    | 2.00        | vm       |             | VM_Stop  | 2.0.0      | APPC      |

|                 2 | Start   | 2.00        | vm       |             | VM_Start | 2.0.0      | APPC      |

|                 3 | Restart | 2.00        | vm       |             | RebootVM | 4.0.0      | APPC      |


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Are you using CDT? What is your setup? 



Yes, setup as follow in the screenshot. The payload is the following, which seems similar as yours:



   "input": {

       "common-header": {

           "timestamp": "2019-05-16T14:47:55.449Z",

           "api-ver": "2.00",

           "originator-id": "appc",

           "request-id": "873aacdf-1d85-4e07-8deb-7815776bbd35",

           "flags": {

               "mode": "NORMAL",

               "force": "FALSE"



       "action": "Start",

       "action-identifiers": {

           "vnf-id": "VNF_demo_steve",

           "vserver-id": "c82153dc-8d84-4e69-9673-5e0a60030779"






<Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.13.10 AM.png>


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