Re: VES Collector drops events from measurements domain #dcaegen2 #dublin #casablanca #ves

Vijay VK

Eric – Thanks for the feedback. There is another configuration update for VES blueprint being worked, will include the typo correction along (remove ‘s’).


Regarding streamID configuration having 2 entries – that is okay (main usage of this config is to identify targeted topic configuration assigned for each VES domain). Configuration is also flexible to allow single domain to be published into multiple topics (in which case events will be published on both – this feature is useful for supporting HA)





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I tested with Consul modification


Some feedbacks:

VES JSON file indicates that domain should be ‘measurement’ with no ‘s’




‘measurements=ves-measurement|’ measurements appears with a trailing ‘s’. As a result, my VES event was dropped again.


I corrected with 2 actions and it is working

  • Suppres ‘measurementsForVfScaling=ves-measurement’
  • Correct measurement with no ‘s’ in consul configuration.


I am not sure that a streamid may have 2 entries…




Best regards




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Thanks Vijay.


I was not using the latest OOM chart version ;-(


Very clear. I will test the reconfiguration via Consul


Best Regards




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Eric – Your finding are correct. This was fixed in ves-collector blueprint configuration (under this patch - which will supersede container default configuration.


If you using latest version of OOM charts (which is using onap/org.onap.dcaegen2.deployments.k8s-bootstrap-container:1.4.17 or later), this fix should have been included. However if your setup is not most current, you can update the streamID configuration in Consul (http://<k8snode>:30270/ui/#/dc1/kv/dcae-ves-collector/edit); the VES instance will refresh any configuration updates periodically from consul.




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Subject: [onap-discuss] VES Collector drops events from measurements domain #dcaegen2 #ves #Dublin #Casablanca



I try using VES EventListener v7 based on CommonEventFormat_30.0.1.json
With regards to V5, there is no more 'measurementsForVfScaling', but only 'measurements' domain

The VES Colector is accepting the VES event, but it does not send it to DMAAP because there is no channel defined to send events from this domain
cf logs extract:
"No StreamID defined for publish - Message dropped{"VESversion":"v7","VESuniqueId":"815d6df3-d19a-49c8-8371-8f29f8bfc0c1","event":{"commonEventHeader":{"startEpochMicrosec":1557336950,"sequence":0,"eventId":"MemoryId","domain":"measurement","lastEpochMicrosec":1557336950,"eventName":"Memory","vesEventListenerVersion":"7.0.1","sourceName":"VES_Simulator","priority":"Normal","version":"4.0.1","reportingEntityName":"VES_Simulator"},"measurementFields":{"measurementInterval":5,"measurementFieldsVersion":"4.0","memoryUsageArray":[{"memoryFree":832,"memoryUsed":30821,"vmIdentifier":"vm1"}]}}}"

I understand that there is no 'streamid' defined for 'measurements' in, but only for 'measurementsForVfScaling'


Before raising this problem as a bug, I would like to be sure that I did not miss any specific point.

Thank you

Best Regards


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