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Ulas Kozat

Hi Gil,


Could you clarify why a non-shareable VNF/PNF can only support one slice instance (hence one slice type)? I would imagine that a VNF/PNF instance out of the box may be able to support both eMBB or URLLC slice types. At least for gNB whether virtualized or not, I expect this to be the norm.


Also, I would think it should be the access policies in the control plane not the NF implementation itself should render an NF shareable or not in practice. A network function is typically designed to serve multiple network flows (and hence almost always shareable from the traffic flows perspective). Thus it can be wrapped around by a proper network controller and be shared among services/users/access groups. Or it can be dedicated to a particular service/user/access group. Could you clarify if I misunderstood or misapplied your comment on “shareability” as an intrinsic feature of NF?







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To add to what Vimal and Fred said, a VNF is “shareable” or not based on the way it is coded.  If a VNF is onboarded as “shared” it is onboarded as such because it is coded with the ability to be “shared” through configuration.  In the 5G case, as Fred’s example illustrates, it is the VNF configuration that drives how many slice instances an instance of that VNF will support at any given point in time.  In the case of a non-shareable VNF that supports slicing, an instance of the VNF itself could support only a single slice instance; configuration of the VNF would only determine the characteristics of that single slice instance.  (Presumably only core NFs, and not RAN NFs, would be “dedicated” to a single slice instance.


How a UE discovers a slice instance to use for a particular application purpose is out of the scope of the ONAP management of the NF that provides that slice instance, whether via a dedicated or shared NF instance.




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Hi Srini,

                My understanding is that the in 5G SBA, sharing access control is enforced by the “configuration” of the NFs themselves.   An  NF instance of a SBA “5G service” would register with the NRF declaring  which slice(s) it has been configured to support. When another NF asks the NRF for an instance of a particular “5G service”, it also passes the slice(s) that need to be supported by that “service” instance.  The NRF would select an appropriate NF instance of that “5G service” that has support for the requested slices(s).  A non-shared NF instance would be configured with only the dedicated slice(s) while the shared NF instances would be configured with the dedicated slices  as well as other slice(s).




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As  I understand from Tuesday architecture meeting that Networking slicing is one use case for Shared VNFs.  In some cases, each slice would have dedicated VNF instances and in some cases, there are shared VNFs and shared PNFs.  I understand from your presentation on how to represent the shared VNF in the model (during design time). What I did not see is on how the consumer would request for the VNF to be dedicated or use the shared one Or is it that if the VNF is onboarded as ‘shared’, is it always shared?


Reason for asking is this:


-          In network slicing, there is a possibility that a given VNF is sharable only across set of network slices.  For example, network slices belonging to an Enterprise can share the VNF, but not with network slices of other Enterprises.


How does designers/administrator provide the access control information on the sharing aspect?





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