Re: [aai]Timeout error for resource api

Venkata Harish K Kajur



Resources microservice is not timing out, it’s the haproxy that is routing the request to resources that is timing out;a=blob;f=resources/config/haproxy/haproxy.cfg;h=3ffaa0fe765fe4d1d4494c416852a728caea5dcb;hb=HEAD


If you are using the Dublin code base, its in the above url.;a=blob;f=kubernetes/aai/resources/config/haproxy/haproxy.cfg;h=8beae0ee812cc236ba196fb834cd5d0377de25f5;hb=refs/heads/casablanca


Search for timeout 480000 and update it as its timing out in 480000 milliseconds.


I strongly recommend that you use pagination as that’s a lot of data coming back in one request.

Here is the link to the pagination link.


Also, do you need the relationships to the complex or are you just looking at the complexes?

If you don’t need the relationships coming from the complexes, then please do the following




That will just return the complexes only.




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Hi team,


I am getting the following error while we try to retrieve all complexes in our aai setup. It is getting timeout after 481506 ms. No of complexes are 60000






        <h1>504 Gateway Time-out</h1>

The server didn't respond in time.





We  have set the resource timeout as 9000000 ms but before that only it is getting timeout. Is there any default timeout of 8 mins set in resources? Unfortunately not able to see any logs in resource Microservice.


Any further pointers to debug will be helpful.





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