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For the Dublin release, we had to disable the admin portal due to security vulnerabilities discovered too late in the release for us to fix.   It’ll be back in El Alto, once we’ve finished fixing those vulnerabilities.


Meanwhile, you’ll need to either use robot or use curl (target URL is ${host-ip}:${port}/restconf/operations/VNF-API:preload-vnf-topology-operation) to POST the preload data.  There’s a template for the content in the testsuite project here:;a=blob;f=robot/assets/templates/vcpeutils/template.vcpe_gwgra_vfmodule.json;h=48883b9931f06352692d3d312e15b28561a2d61d;hb=refs/heads/master




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Is there a spec and/or guide for creating the preload json for manual upload to SDNC admin portal? i.e. not using the robot scripts.

I have found various examples on read the docs and confluence, but it's unclear how current they are and where the all of the values are populated from (for fields like generic-vnf-type).

If anyone can point to a page with a guide/spec on how to construct the preload json that would be very helpful!


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