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Ram Krishna Verma

Hi Sirisha,

Please find my comments inline (in green) in the below email.

Also, we had a session on New PF Architecture in the DDF (Stockholm) on Wednesday. May be you can have a look at the video -

And we have the documents ready at

Let us know if you need any info/help.



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Dear Policy Team,

I could see that there is new Policy lifecycle API implemented in Dublin. I just got some understanding about it after going through the wiki pages and read the docs. And I wanted to understand till which point is it implemented. Please correct me if I am wrong
  • Using the policy lifecycle API I can create policy type template artifacts through SDC in the tosca format and some sample definitions are defined in this document.– You can use the lifecycle API to create policy type & policy in tosca format directly. Creating through SDC distribution is not implemented yet and might be available in future releases (may be Frankfurt).
  • Using policy lifecycle API can I also upload the policy implementation(be it APEX, drools based) for a particular policy type through SDC or still I have to follow the legacy way of push the drools file through the policyEngineImport API and the BRMSGW generate the nexus jar file that drools PDP can use for a particular policy I create. Please point me to the document on how to create through SDC if support is there. – Creating through SDC is not there yet. But you can very well create a policy for any pdp (apex, drools, xacml) and put the policy implementation logic in the tosca file itself. There is no BRMSGW in the new architecture. For example – you can have a look at the apex policy that I used for the current DDF - Download the postman collection, import it in postman and have a look at the Create Policy payload.
  • Could you also please point me to the document on how to create policy through SDC for the already existing policy types in SDC(like the affinity, anti-affinity, scaling) Not there yet 😊
  • Could you please point me to the document on what the new features the policy XACML 2nd generation PDP provides. – I think in Dublin release XACML pdp supports guard, optimization & monitoring policy types. There is a plan for coordination policy type support next. May be Pam/Mike can comment more on this.
Thank you in advance!

Best Regards
Sirisha Gopigiri

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