Re: #OOM Casablanca Portal Deployment Failed #oom

Brian Freeman

Kubectl -n onap get pod | grep dev-portal


And for any failed pods we need a log.


It could be  a timing problem with the mariadb configuration jobs but it depends on what is going on in the environment.


Are you using the public-cloud overrides to loosen up the liveness probe and readiness problem intervals ?


It is worth doing a helm delete dev-portal –purge, helm deploy dev-portal ... (


  1. helm delete  dev-portal –purge
  2. (path to integration)/integation/deployment/heat/onap-rke/scripts/    portal
  3. Cd /dockerdata-nfs; rm -rf dev-portal
  4. helm deploy dev-portal local/onap -f /root/oom/kubernetes/onap/resources/environments/public-cloud.yaml -f /root/integration-override.yaml --namespace onap  --verbose


This will remove and re-deploy the portal and since the other pods are deployed there should be less competition for network/cpu during the cassandra and mariadb configuration phases.


Of course without the kubectl information it could be something completely different.

Helm deploy could also be a false failure since its a set 10 minute timeout and slow environments can mark the helm deplooyment failed but the pods actually are up and running. A healthdcheck would be the more postive test that the containers are functioning correctly and a kubectl -n onap get pods to confirm the pods are all int he running state as a precursor to the health check.





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Dear All

Trying to deploy casablanca on powerflex ibm server with Rancher- kubernetes setup. Changed only oom/kubernetes/onap/values.yaml related to openstack parameters
for APPC,SO and ROBOT. can someone please let me know if anything specially need to be done to deploy portal?

Followed this url..

Thanks & Regards, Sitha

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