Healthchecks for PODs

Brian Freeman

Based on the discussion at the DDF I added a row (Row 35) to the Integration Testing Status to Report on the Percentage coverage of Testsuite Health Checks for the PODS. All pods have a helm liveness/readiness check at the POD not necessarily application level.


Its only a report – non-blocking obviously for Dublin so the Status is “N/A” like several of the other reporting only entries.


the spreadsheet is attached to the wiki page.


55% Yes

22% No

23% Still being researched



There are a few caveats.


  • Logstash and Pompa details need to be added but they both have fairly complete health checks.
  • Yes means the health check covers the main pod and supporting pods like the databases.
  • The “Still being researched” are situations where it wasnt clear if the existing health check covered that pod.
  • No’s are ones where we are quite sure that the health check does not cover it.
  • N/A was used for configuration jobs that do not result in running containers – probably should delete them from the container list entirely. These rows are not counted in the percentage.


So the current coverage is at least 55% and is in the range of 55% of 77% depending on the results of the items still being researched.


125 PODS covered by the 61 Health Checks out of the 228 (under counting Logstash and POMBA)


We can refine this number over the next couple of days to get it more accurate but I think we understand the range.





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