Re: How to deploy a DMaaP cluster? #dmaap #deployment

Dominic Lunanuova


I updated the DMaaP Edge Deployment page to remove the references to AAI.

If you desire to use Authenticated Topics in MR, then you will need the AAF component.

By default, MR deploys multiple kafka pods (i.e. a kafka cluster). 


We use helm to deploy, not maven.




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Hi there.

I want to build a DMaaP cluster for integrating with SDC or some further use (ONLY want to use MR).

And I found some useful guides from wiki, which is DMaaP Deployment Guide - Dublin and DMaaP Edge Deployment

According to those links, should I have to deploy modules in this sequence? AAF -> AAI -> DMaaP -> DCAE

Or could I simple use Maven build for deploying, and re-modify some configurations to run as a cluster?

Best Regards, Zhuangyang

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