Re: ODP: [onap-discuss] [vLBMS] Create instance into VID fails

Aniello Paolo Malinconico

Hi Marco,
I have re-executed your guide  on new Dublin official deployment.
I am using the vlb heat template file posted here for Dublin (attached file).
But when I am creating the base vf module via VID GUI, it still returns exactly the previuos error:

"requestId": "daf7eb7d-7b5f-44df-bc63-e2c8be7bcf00",
"requestType": "createInstance",
"timestamp": "Tue, 05 Jul 2019 12:34:39",
"requestState": "FAILED",
"requestStatus": "STATUS: Error from SDNC: Invalid index values [0,] FLOW STATUS: All Rollback flows have completed successfully ROLLBACK STATUS: Rollback has been completed successfully.",
"percent-progress": "100"
so it is not resolved in the Dublin release.

There is any workaroud to deploy this use case?

Aniello Paolo Malinconico

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