[AAI] Problem accessing AAI GUI from ONAP Portal


Hi Jimmy/ Keong/ Harish,


I have a ONAP Dublin cluster which was deployed using OOM RKE Kubernetes.

I am able to access the ONAP Portal but I am unable to access the AAI GUI. Other GUI Applications like SDC, So-Monitoring work fine.


### All AAI pods are up and running.


### Please find the AAI Sparky service below


aai-sparky-be                   NodePort   <none>                  8000:30220/TCP                                                2d19h   app=aai-sparky-be,release=dev-aai


### I accessed the aai-sparky-be container and it was listening on port 8000.


root@dev-aai-aai-sparky-be-6495c4f754-cbh76:/# netstat -tunlp

Active Internet connections (only servers)

Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State       PID/Program name

tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      40/java



### Added the below contents in /etc/hosts portal.api.simpledemo.onap.org vid.api.simpledemo.onap.org sdc.api.fe.simpledemo.onap.org sdc.fe.simpledemo.onap.org portal-sdk.simpledemo.onap.org policy.api.simpledemo.onap.org aai.api.sparky.simpledemo.onap.org cli.api.simpledemo.onap.org msb.api.discovery.simpledemo.onap.org portal-app.onap



### When I try to open the AAI GUI from ONAP portal, it says “temporarily down or may have moved to  a new address”. Other GUIs like SDC, So-Monitoring work fine.



### I also tried to open AAI GUI from a new tab using the URL http://aai.api.sparky.simpledemo.onap.org:30220/services/aai/webapp/index.html and I get the below error.  When I try using https, it redirects me to the onap portal page.






I have used the same method in ONAP Casablanca and was able to access the AAI GUI.

Can you please let me know what am I missing or if something has changed in Dublin.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Any pointer is much appreciated.





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