Error while deploying APPC in ONAP #appc #deployment

Prateek Gupta

Error while bringing up the dev-appc-appc-db-0 component.
2019-07-22 17:18:21 140476023458048 [ERROR] WSREP: It may not be safe to bootstrap the cluster from this node. It was not the last one to leave the cluster and may not contain all the updates. To force cluster bootstrap with this node, edit the grastate.dat file manually and set safe_to_bootstrap to 1 .
2019-07-22 17:18:21 140476023458048 [ERROR] WSREP: wsrep::connect(gcomm://) failed: 7
2019-07-22 17:18:21 140476023458048 [ERROR] Aborting

Status of the pods:
root@onap-master:/home/onapmaster# kubectl get pods -n onap | grep appc
dev-appc-appc-0                                       0/2       Init:0/1           19         3h
dev-appc-appc-ansible-server-589cb48497-pxfr4         0/1       Init:Error         19         3h
dev-appc-appc-cdt-57d685d65c-wlt6s                    1/1       Running            0          3h
dev-appc-appc-db-0                                    0/1       CrashLoopBackOff   41         3h
dev-appc-appc-dgbuilder-768d9f4fb8-sng6k              0/1       Init:0/1           19         3h

Image we are using is :-

If anyone faced the same issue please help.

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